This Exists (And Y’all Qaeda Has Their Panties in a Twist)

This Exists (And Y’all Qaeda Has Their Panties in a Twist) …and Wingnuttia is having nothing to do with it.Filed under: snark
News That Will Drive You To Drink Aside from the pandering to wives and mothers, and of course Carly ‘Fire ‘Em All’ Fiorina’s strange women don’t need to be honored speech, many of Y’all Qaeda’s finest chose Rosa Parks to be on the $10 or $20 bill. … Continue reading →
Some Fries With Your Stupid, Uncle Sugar? Huckabee really doesn’t understand how government works; but if he wants to compare Gawd’s Own File Clerk Kim Davis to members of the other branches of theocracy, he’s doing our work for us. What a moroon maroon* (as Bugs Bunny … Continue reading →
The Goat Racing Forum The clear winner last night: the airplane in the background: On the bright side, I guess CNN finally found a plane. #CNNDebate — Tengrain (@Tengrain) September 17, 2015 So, did anything really change last night? Probably not. Let’s discuss: Outsiders This … Continue reading →
Santorum In The Morning (eww*, gross!) According to Frothy, Gawd’s Own Filing Clerk Kim Davis is exactly like a Columbine High shooting victim: “Sixteen years ago this country was tremendously inspired by a young woman who faced a gunman in Columbine and was challenged about her … Continue reading →