Yeah that’s right function before fashion. XPT

Yeah that’s right function before fashion. XPT By, Gabby Reece The only time I train with my husband and the boys is pool training days- three times a week. After all we are under the water so not too much talking (know what I mean?). Don’t you love my ‘no shame’ attitude?  My true ego is shining through.  I care more about the fact that my hair gets thrashed in my mask than the fact I look like a super silver dome head. On this particular day we started our training by doing 10 sets of 10 jumps from twelve feet with a 30 lb dumbbell.  Remember, weight is more buoyant in the water.  I love this type of training.  Low impact on your joints, flushes your system, has an element of peace, and the water is very calming (back to that no talking under the water bit).  Oh, and you don’t think about or care to get on line or plug in; a real escape in a hard working kind of a way. The thing I am always reminded of is to stay open and innovative in my training, and to figure out how I can keep grinding away without damaging my body.  Oh, and how not […]
CeleTV Fit – Laird Hamilton and Gabrielle Reece Get Naked for ESPN’s Body Issue ESPN’s 7th annual body issue is smoking hot! Inside the magazine, surfer god Laird Hamilton is seen paddle boarding with his wife and beach volleyball goddess Gabrielle Reece, completely naked. Gabrielle says that her doctor says her knees are 75 from the jumping, but to us she looks 30, flirty & thriving. In order for these two elite athletes to keep their amazing fit physiques, they say the key is to eat really well and training smarter as they age. See how amazing they look here!
Gabrielle Reece on Family, Healthy Living, and Having It All. “Recently on The School of Greatness, I had an awesome interview with legendary surfer Laird Hamilton. I loved everything I learned from Laird (including the crazy breathing workout we did), but that was only half of the fun I had that day. After interviewing Laird, I was able to interview his equally amazing wife, Gabrielle Reece.” – Lewis Howes > Listen to Podcast ABOUT LEWIS HOWES: Lewis is a pro-athlete turned lifestyle entrepreneur who hosts the top-ranked podcast The School of Greatness. He interviews the best and brightest minds in health, entrepreneurship, relationships and lifestyle.
Gabby, Laird, Brian, on Tim Ferris Pod Cast Laird Hamilton on the Tim Ferriss Show2 Sneak Preview Listen to the PodCast on iTunes. “There are no new ideas, just new applications of old ideas.” – Laird Hamilton Laird Hamilton (@LairdLife) is widely considered the greatest big wave surfer of all-time. He is credited with the creation of tow-in surfing, as well as the rebirth of stand-up paddle boarding. To get amped for my below interview with him, check out a few minutes of this insanity: Hamilton has starred in multiple surfing films and was the centerpiece of Riding Giants, a documentary about big wave surfing. Laird was also Tim’s teacher in the surfing episode of The Tim Ferriss Experiment, which took place in Hawaii. Laird is known for using his sports fame to raise money for charities including Race Across America, Pipeline for a Cure for Cystic Fibrosis, and Rain Catcher, among others. Gabrielle Reece (@GabbyReece) has been named one of the “20 Most Influential Women In Sports” and is best known for her success in volleyball. Reece led the Women’s Beach Volleyball League in kills for four consecutive seasons. Elle magazine once called Reece “one of the five most beautiful women in the world,” and Rolling Stone […]
OMG!!! Posing for ESPN’s The Body Issue I must admit this wasn’t an easy decision for Laird and I. We aren’t in our twenties anymore or even thirties for that matter and definitely have some scars to prove it. But we take our health and fitness seriously not only for our jobs but for life. We know we increase our chances of being happy and vibrant if we continue to move our bodies and fuel them as best as we know how. We both are lucky in that its not a struggle for us, its become our passion and our drug. We have such a great community of friends that share the same desires and goals it makes this part of our lives fun and consistent. I lead highx workouts 3 days a week with a large group (M,W,F), and Laird leads his gym or (SurfNTurf) workouts as he calls it 3 days a week with his group. We then both do XPT (Extreme Pool Training) Tuesdays,Thursdays,Saturdays with a large group of people; men and women, athletes and trainers, actors, musicians, Moms, Dads, philanthropists, heck even magicians. We welcome those that are passionate about training and recovery and overall good body maintenance. Physical exercise reveals a lot […]