CBS v. ABC: Reality TV Drama Unfolds at Court (No, Really)

CBS v. ABC: Reality TV Drama Unfolds at Court (No, Really)     Majority Opinion: ABC is not guilty of copyright infringement  CBS, the company that films and produces “Big Brother” filed a lawsuit against ABC for creating an allegedly rip-off show, “The Glass House,” which—CBS claims—violates its copyrights in June 2012.  In case you haven’t watched “Big Brother” before, check out some season highlights. You […]
Engineering a Meme We are all familiar with memes and how rapidly they can explode online. But what exactly is it about a certain meme that elevates it from mere joke to a cultural staple? Is it possible to quantify the factors that constitute the success of a meme? For this project, I set out to do exactly […]
We’re just SO glad you came… As final project, our group took to experimenting with the merits of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s muscles, The Wanted’s unknowingly witty lyricism, and the world of meme culture that has exploded across the internet in the last couple of years. The final result of the project took shape in two forms: (1) a video (see below) that […]
Finding My Friends When people find out about Apple’s Find My Friends app for the iPhone, they usually say, “That’s pretty creepy.”  They then immediately download the app onto their phone. Find My Friends takes location sharing to its inevitable conclusion.  You know how it’s always such a pain to have to update your location manually (on Foursquare, […]
Yalies, Law, and Technology: Personal Stories Check out our new website, Yalies, Law, and Technology: Personal Stories. The goal of the project was twofold: First, we wanted to bring the course material beyond the confines of our own classroom and see how what we studied in class applied to the lives of our friends and classmates. Second, we hoped to see how […]