One,Two, buckle my shoe…Three, four, new rules do more!

One,Two, buckle my shoe…Three, four, new rules do more!   Now that classrooms are organized and ready, well just about, and the professional development meetings are over, for now; all that seems to be left is to fill the classroom with eager, energetic students ready to take on a new school year.  Just remember, these new students are coming to you fresh off of […]
Ready or Not… Here they come! Whether you have begun your first few weeks of school or are anticipating the ceremonial hand off of your class list, school is in the forefront of your mind. With Professional development days ahead of you and classroom organization needed, time and efficiency is of the essence.   Don’t stress! abcteach is here to help! These […]
Back to School Special ! 50% OFF Memberships !     Its back to school time !  abcteach is offering individual memberships for 50% OFF!  That’s only $20, for 48,000+ teaching materials, lesson plans, clipart and so much more!  Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this special offer,  abcteach will have you prepared for the entire school year! To take advantage of this special […]
New Member Feature abcWorkshop !   Draw, Write, Color & Create Shapes using abcWorkshop ! abcWorkshop is a new online editor, enabling members to draw, write, color, create, save, print, and share using abcteach pdf documents as their template for creativity.  Now, for the first time all of our pdf documents can be edited through abcWorkshop on your tablet or […]
Make a Bunny: Craft Project   Make a Bunny:  Crafts     Here are instructions on how to craft your own bunny.  Click on the link below for printouts.   Link to document:  Make a Bunny Craft Project Directions: 1.  Download the document and print out the patterns to create your bunny. 2.  Cut out the patterns. 3.  Paste the […]