Moving On and I Hope You’ll Join Me

Moving On and I Hope You’ll Join Me My friend Scott Ragan and I started Verum Serum back in 2005. I don’t think we were completely sure why we were doing it or what we hoped to accomplish. We both liked the idea of having a voice in things. In the early days we didn’t know anyone. I would write blind introductions to bloggers I liked. A few were kind enough to reply. We also didn’t have any […]
Video: Oregon Occupiers as Freaky-Deaky as Ever I defy you to pick out anyone normal in this entire video. (Content warning) Is it possible to do so much LSD that your children are still tripping 45 years later?
Full Circle: From Derrick Bell, to the New Black Panthers, to the White House Over at Powerline, John Hinderaker points out the two degrees of separation linking Obama’s embrace of Derrick Bell at Harvard in 1992, and Bell’s statement in 1994 that “we should really appreciate” Khalid Muhammad, the founder of the New Black Panther Party. Bell’s praise came just one year after this now infamous speech from Muhammad: (Video via Patterico.) While there may be just two degrees of separation between Obama and Muhammad, […]
Santorum Wins Kansas, Attacks Obama’s Energy Policy It’s getting pretty difficult to believe Newt is in this as a real competitor. If Newt had opted out last weekend and Santorum had won just slightly more than half of the 14% Newt got in Ohio (which seems likely), the delegate count would look pretty different. All that to say, it’s beginning to feel like Newt is playing spoiler. Santorum went after Obama using fracking as an issue: This […]
Video: Derrick Bell Describes Marxist Foundation of Critical Race Theory I posted a clip from Derrick Bell last week which included some pretty obvious Marxist undertones, but this…this is like a Marxism primer. CUNY TV in New York has curiously pulled a video clip of this down from their site, and YouTube, but c’mon, you know that’s not going to stop me. From 2007: (Full source MP3 available here.) But I thought according to Soledad O’Brien, Critical Race Theory was […]