Make company values real to employees

Make company values real to employees Your company’s values are an integral part of your business. But they also need to extend outside day-to-day operations. They need to be engrained in your culture. They need to guide your decisions and your people. In short, they need to […]
TRIBE TRIVIA: Reimbursing employees for using their personal mobile devices Question: When employees send internal communications to employees’ personal phones, do they somehow pay for that usage? Answer: In Tribe’s global research with companies using mobile for internal communications, only 10 percent said they provide financial compensation for the use […]
Who wants what: Life stages and the EVP The employee value proposition helps employees see beyond compensation and benefits to the larger picture. Although there are other elements of the EVP that attract top talent and keep your best employees in place, it’s safe to say all employees care about […]
TRIBE TRIVIA: Texting employees for internal communications Question: How many companies text their employees? Answer: Of the companies using employees’ personal mobile devices for internal communications, 56 percent of them are sending texts, according to Tribe’s global research. For more information about this and other studies, see […]
After the interview: Building relationships through rejection Whether you’re the one hiring or the one seeking a job, there can be an up side to rejection. Following job interviews, many companies don’t bother to communicate with the candidates who won’t be moving forward in the process. Often, […]