Brendan Marrocco, US quadruple amputee, gets new arms

Brendan Marrocco, US quadruple amputee, gets new arms   The first US soldier to survive losing four limbs in Iraq has said he is looking forward to swimming and driving after having a double arm transplant. Brendan Marrocco, 26, was injured by a roadside bomb in 2009. He also received bone marrow from the deceased donor of his arms, a therapy intended to […]
Exercise Guidelines for Transplant Patients “When I was in the operating room before my liver transplant surgery, my team of doctors told me that I was quite healthy except for being in liver failure,” says liver recipient Debbie Pinjuv.  “It seemed like an odd statement to me then, but now I understand what my doctors were saying.  My other organs […]
National Donor Sabbath: Bringing Awareness and Saving Lives You have the ability to help people and save lives during National Donor Sabbath! Partner with your your faith leader and share the message about the critical need for more organ and tissue donors.  Encourage members of your community to register to become organ donors. It is one of the greatest opportunities today for those […]
The ‘Facebook Effect’ On Organ Donation Facebook is taking its campaign to boost organ donations to Canada and Mexico this week, four months after its premiere. The feature allows Facebook users to tell their friends and family that they’re registered organ donors.  It also directs people who aren’t signed up as organ donors to the official registries where they live. How’s […]
Mucho Macho Man and his trainer: a Derby story with heart (CNN) — Each morning about 5, every morning without fail, Kathy Ritvo is at the track, always the most dependable 100-to-1 shot on the grounds. On the backside — that musky, muddy village where the horses live — she finds life, too. “I don’t miss any days,” she said. “I love it. It keeps me […]