10 Steps to Executive Job Search Success

10 Steps to Executive Job Search Success   Many of the c-suite and senior-level executives I work with haven’t faced a job search in 5, 10 or even 15 years or more. If they’ve changed jobs over that time, they were sought after by executive recruiters and managed to circumvent the job search process. They’ve been fortunate. As we all know, things […]
Dare to Express Your True Personal Brand “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” — Dr. Seuss My c-suite and senior-level executive clients work hard with me through my personal branding and job search readiness process. They’re eager to open up and dig deep so that I can differentiate their unique ROI in their LinkedIn profiles, resumes, biographies, etc., and […]
Deadly LinkedIn Mistake: Forgetting LinkedIn Groups How many LinkedIn Groups do you belong to and actively use? I review lots of LinkedIn profiles of executive job seekers. Most of the ones I see have only a handful of Group memberships, if any. They’re missing out on one of LinkedIn’s most powerful features. Why Are LinkedIn Groups So Valuable in Job Search? […]
Deadly LinkedIn Mistake: No Professional Photo   When I first viewed the LinkedIn profile of a recent client (a CFO job seeker), I knew something was fishy. A dashing 30-something man was smiling at me with perfect teeth, perfect hair, and a perfectly chiseled face. Based on his career history, I knew my client had to be around 50. He obviously used […]
Deadly LinkedIn Mistake: Generic, Short Summary Section   Before I first speak with prospective clients, I take a look at their LinkedIn profiles. I want to determine whether or not they’re using LinkedIn to full advantage, and to find out more about them than what’s in the executive resume they’ve sent me. And, I want to see what executive recruiters and hiring […]