New audiobook: The Soul of London by Ford Madox Ford

New audiobook: The Soul of London by Ford Madox Ford It’s been a while, but I’ve finished a new audiobook! Or, in truth, a rather patient editor finished it for me. I started recording The Soul of London in 2013, after working on something that had been quite challenging. I needed a change — something absorbing, but non-fictional, to avoid dealing with characters and voices […]
Life in Books: 2015 Borrowing questions from Bruce the Gargoyle, here’s a summary of 2015, using only the titles of books I read in the year. All in all, I would describe last year as being: Small Victories I could have cried when: Men Explain Things To Me I would love to have some respite from: The Time Paradox […]
A Whispery Christmas Carol I know I’ve been quiet all year, and that hasn’t changed with my latest LibriVox release. Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is the second of my whispered book recordings. I don’t know that I’ll do more now … it’s harder work than regular recording and they seem to mystify as many people as they beguile. Still, […]
Life in books: 2013 Borrowing a wonderful meme from Catherine, and struggling a little because I’ve not read all that much this year … The rules: Using only books you have read this year, answer these questions. Try not to repeat a book title. Describe yourself: Our Little English Cousin (by Blanche McManus) How do you feel: The Comfort […]
Random update This has not been much of a year for recording, I am very sad to say. I do have a book fully narrated: dear, feisty Mrs Seacole is just waiting for me to have time to edit her Wonderful Adventures (as a Creole nurse in the Crimea, amongst other things.) And there are some other […]