Unacceptable Just no. If you buy a piece of equipment, you own it. Violations of export laws are between you and the government.

Bogging Down Crowdfunding It could soon get regulated into being costly

Public Domain Alternate History Had copyright law remained as it was in 1957, quite a list of works would have become public domain on January 1, 2014. As noted at the link, famous works will tend to remain available, if not as inexpensively so as might be the case, but I am concerned with orphan works. When I look […]
You Will Remember the old series of AT&T commercials that predicted how we’d do things in the future, touting AT&T as the company that would bring you that new technological application? The entire series has been captured in one YouTube video, and it’s fascinating. They were on entirely the right track – not that the predictions were […]
Site Meter I have removed Site Meter after learning that it sometimes feeds back a popup video from MySpace when sites hosting it load. Its utility is less than it once was, anyway, and that is not acceptable as the price of free.