Okinawan Jewelry Brands

Okinawan Jewelry Brands Isetan Department Store is a major landmark in Shinjuku and known as one of the prime department stores in Japan (if not Asia) in high fashion. With that said, I look forward to the success of TILLA-EARTH, a jewelry brand … Continue reading →
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OKINAWA ART in NY Exhibition The Nippon Gallery in New York will hold “Okinawa Art in NY” Exhibition from June 20 – July 27th, 2012. Artists include renowned Seikichi Tamanaha (painting), Yoshiharu Higa (photography), Michiko Uehara (weaving), and other Okinawan artists living abroad. There hasn’t … Continue reading →
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Ryukyu Golden Kings wins Japan-BJ League Drawing audiences totaling 9402 people, Basketball Japan League (known as the BJ League) playoff finals took place on the 20th at the Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo. Ryukyu Golden Kings (Okinawa) defeated Higashi-Mikawa Phoenix (Hamamatsu) 89 – 73. This is the … Continue reading →
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Tree Project – A message about biodiversity through art Last year in early November, environmental artists Tim Collins and Reiko Goto were invited to the Ryukyu University to run a workshop on how art can visually express the importance of biodiversity. Traditionally, Okinawans have worshiped nature. Holy grounds known … Continue reading →
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Cherry Blossoms in Okinawa Hanami (literary meaning “flower viewing”) is one of the most popular Japanese traditional customs practiced, starting when cherry blossoms bloom in March or April. People come together to sit under the cherry blossoms trees, have picnics, and get a little … Continue reading →
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