Interested in learning about solar energy? Visit Colorado Solar!

Interested in learning about solar energy? Visit Colorado Solar! While we feel there is a fair amount of helpful information right here on Solar Knoxville, we don’t hesitate to borrow or share with other helpful organizations.  A visitor to the Solar Knoxville website recommended that we share a helpful resource he found while conducting online research.  The resource is a website called Colorado Solar.  While many […]
Bosch’s $449 electric vehicle home charger There are many costs associated with EV ownership.  One of the lesser-yet very important-costs is the home charging station.  While some EV owners have chosen to rely entirely on public infrastructure, most feel more comfortable with the ability to charge at home.  Here is the latest (and cheapest) offering I have seen recently. Boschs $449 […]
“Solar Plane” to Travel Across US Without Consuming Jet Fuel “Solar Impulse” is the name of the solar-powered plane that will travel from coast to coast in the United States without consuming any fuel.  The aircraft is covered in 12,000 photovoltaic cells, and traveling through a number of cities to increase awareness of the value and potential of solar energy.  Check out the link below. […]
SunShot Initiative: Plug-and-Play Photovoltaics SunShot Initiative: Plug-and-Play Photovoltaics. DOE is funding two solar projects that are developing innovative plug-and-play photovoltaic (PV) systems that can be purchased, installed, and operational in one day. Part of the SunShot Systems Integration efforts, these projects will help drive innovations to fundamentally change the design and installation of residential PV systems, reducing costs for homeowners […]
Knoxville firm wins $2M DOE grant » Knoxville News Sentinel Knoxville firm wins $2M DOE grant » Knoxville News Sentinel. Grant funds will be used to research one of the barriers to making renewables competitive with nuclear and coal.