The road of excess

The road of excess Is being a prolific author a bad thing? Not necessarily, says Stephen King in the New York Times: As with most postulates dealing with subjective perceptions, the idea that prolific writing equals bad writing must be treated with caution. Mostly, it seems to be true. . . . [but]prolificacy is sometimes inevitable, and has its […]
Here come the Quants! The age of Big Data has finally made a Big Splash in the field of literary studies with the advent of a movement that seeks to take a quantitative “macroanalysis” of literary texts. Dubbed “distant reading” (as opposed to the New Critical “close reading”) the idea is to turn texts into data sets and so […]
The writer and the social network Pity the plight of the introverted author in this always-connected world. Meghan Tifft laments their fate: Since when did the community become our moral compass—our viability and ethics as writers determined so much by our team spirit? What if the community and the kind of participation it involves are actually bad for my writing, diluting […]
The hard work of reading Is slow reading in the age of Google still worth it? Joanna Scott, writing in The Nation, thinks so, while confessing that the “surprising problem arising in our culture is that good, active, creative reading is on the decline.” This may not come as a surprise to some, but nevertheless Scott’s essay makes a plea for […]
Canada blanked by Booker They’ve just announced the longlist for the 2015 Man Booker Prize and no Canadian authors were included. This is only the second year that the prize has been open to writers of any nationality writing in English and published in the U.K. (previously, the prize was open only to authors from the U.K. and Commonwealth, Republic […]