Cost and Difference between Office, Domestic & Commercial Coffee Machines
Posted on: January 10, 2019, by : Alan Ayyash

A coffee machine is a modern appliance for brewing coffee. Today, the kitchen equipment & appliance markets worldwide are flooded with the coffee makers of diverse capacities, but the operational principle is universal in a majority of devices of different brands. First of all, the coffee grounds are put in a metal filter or the paper inside a funnel which then set over a ceramic/glass pot, a cooking pot in the kettle family. Now, the cold water is poured onto the coffee maker via a separate chamber. Then, the water gets heated up to the boiling point and directed to the funnel. So, now the coffee which is prepared is termed as the automatic drip-brew.

There is a wealth of advantages of owning a coffeemaker, in a nutshell; saves on your gas and precious time on every cup, plus you can taste a variety of coffee types.

Difference Between Office, Domestic & Commercial Coffee Machines

1. Commercial Coffee Machines

It is a commercial appliance which is meant to invite profit when managing a coffee shop, hence by selecting the right one is a bit complicated decision. The one you decide for your restaurant, cafeteria or hotel is only by considering your business’s horizon, and what are its present and future demands? This type of coffee machine is designed with the sole objective of producing large volumes of coffee cups in quick succession, and ready to take rough use. The commercial coffee machines are subdivided into two broad varieties, one is the manual coffee machines and the other one is the automatic coffee machines. For the latter now, the coffee is prepared with a simple touch. On the other hand, manual coffee making requires a fundamental knowledge of Barista. The cost of a commercial coffee maker largely depends upon the coffee machine brand, type & features offered, its cost is on the higher compared to office and domestic coffee makers.

2. Domestic Vs Office Coffee Machines

The major dissimilarity between an office coffee machine and a domestic coffee maker is the componentry. The coffee machines found in our homes are meant for rigorous everyday use, they are fitted with domestic fitted pumps, therefore not ideal for large volume servings. Another noteworthy difference is the large size of the water, the grounds containers and the bean hopper of the office coffee machine.  Some business owners make the common mistake of buying a residential coffee maker, instead of a coffee office machine to save big, but later-on only to discover the high maintenance costs.

3. Coffee Machine Buying Guide-Know the Capacity You Require

It is important to select the right capacity of your coffee maker, do you want a machine that can provide you with 10-15 cups daily at your kitchen or 100-200 CUPS to serve your customers at your restaurant. Ideally, it is best to surf the reviews of top brands such as Wega coffee machines before making a buy.

In end, it is crucial to invest your time & mind when searching for a coffee machine, in order to make a smart investment.