Suri Nusantara Jaya Cold Storage Company Profile
Posted on: October 11, 2022, by : Alan Ayyash

Since establishment in 2016, Suri Nusantara Jaya (SNJ) cold storage aims to become a reliable cold storage service provider in Indonesia to support frozen food and pharmaceutical industry in Indonesia. Owned by PT. Suri Nusantara Jaya Group, the largest food technology, distributions, logistics, retails, storage, and catering services company in Indonesia. SNJ strives to become a prominent cold storage management service as an effort to contribute in nation’s food security and economic growth.

Suri Nusantara Jaya Cold Storage Rental has a sophisticated and standard system. For the sake of product safety, we have a Warehouse Management System (WMS) to facilitate the management, control, and administration of warehouse operations from incoming goods to exiting.



Our high specification transport fleet includes CDE, CDD trucks, and Fuso trucks. In addition, We are also equipped with chilled/frozen container truck of 20’/40 sized which could carry 20 to 40 feet.


This room is maintained at temperature of 10 – 15 degree Celsius, for sorting and repackaging activities. Cold storage Jakarta provide more loading dock areas to accelerate the mobility system.


Gudang pendingin have the latest modern technology, with purpose built frozen storage and warehousing facility with capacity of 12 racking system to place over 35,000 pallets.


5 Chamber Chilled & 6 Chamber Frozen room, maintained at an optimal temperature of 0-5 degree Celsius, suitable for fresh product.

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