Suri Nusantara Jaya Company Profile
Posted on: October 11, 2022, by : Alan Ayyash

The role of meat suppliers in the culinary industry, such as hotels, catering, and restaurants, cannot be underestimated. Choosing a supplier can be very crucial for a business. Why is the supplier’s role so important? Because trade in this world occurs because of specialization from each party, almost every industry needs suppliers. As one of the largest meat suppliers, Suri Nusantara Jaya (Toko Daging) only provides high-quality meat.

Suri Nusantara Jaya Company Profile

Suri Nusantara Jaya (SNJ) is one of the leading importers and distributor daging selling meat with quality fresh, frozen, and processed meat products in Indonesia. Our products include mutton, chicken, beef, and buffalo. Founded in 1998, the company has grown and expanded in distributing fresh and frozen meat products to wholesalers, meat processing companies, traditional markets, catering, and restaurants throughout Indonesia.

As a company with more than 20 years of experience and a long history, supplier daging sapi are confident that we can meet customer satisfaction. Our success lies in the principles we have adhered to for a long time: always providing the highest quality products at competitive prices and fast service as a meat distributor. We treat our staff and customers as part of the family, enabling us to maintain long-term partnerships. PT. Suri Nusantara Jaya cooperates with state-owned companies to support national food security and reduce the prices of necessities by conducting regular market operations.

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