Freightsight Company Profile

Freightsight is Indonesia’s center for news, analysis, and logistics data. The Freightsight website contains the latest news about the world of logistics, be it export, import, domestic, land, sea, air, and others. Freightsight has a central value as a reliable, up-to-date, and informative logistics news portal. The news uploaded on the Freightsight website is expected […]

PT Menara Sinar Timur Company Profile

Home is a primary human need. If you want to create the best building, you have to choose the best material. There are many considerations in choosing building materials that must be studied, thought about, and analyzed before deciding to use them or not. Experienced suppliers only provide quality building materials. PT Menara Sinar Timur […]

221 Fastboat Transfer Company Profile

Bali is a beautiful island and is famous all over the world. Bali Island and Lombok Island are two places that have hidden paradise. Water transportation is needed to visit one island from another, namely fast boat. Fast boat transfer allow tourists to explore the best places on the world’s most beautiful islands. 221 Fastboat […]

Suri Nusantara Jaya Cold Storage Company Profile

Since establishment in 2016, Suri Nusantara Jaya (SNJ) cold storage aims to become a reliable cold storage service provider in Indonesia to support frozen food and pharmaceutical industry in Indonesia. Owned by PT. Suri Nusantara Jaya Group, the largest food technology, distributions, logistics, retails, storage, and catering services company in Indonesia. SNJ strives to become […]

Suri Nusantara Jaya Company Profile

The role of meat suppliers in the culinary industry, such as hotels, catering, and restaurants, cannot be underestimated. Choosing a supplier can be very crucial for a business. Why is the supplier’s role so important? Because trade in this world occurs because of specialization from each party, almost every industry needs suppliers. As one of […]

Pusat Safety Company Profile

Workers in construction or other hazardous areas certainly need extra protection. Work safety equipment of various types is mandatory for every worker to prevent accidents. It is the responsibility of the company to its employees. From head-to-toe safety equipment, you must pay attention. Pusat Safety (toko safety) is here to meet the needs of companies […]

Red Parker Company Profile

Safety shoes are one of the most crucial safety equipment for workers. Field workers certainly need the existence of safety shoes. Safety shoes must meet specific criteria that ensure that the wearer is safe. Currently, local safety shoes are not inferior in quality to international products. Red Parker is a manufacturer of high-quality safety shoes […]

Segar Kumala Indonesia (SKI) Company Profile

The need for fresh and high-quality fruits is increasing. Segar Kumala is a fruit supplier that provides various local and imported fruit. The fruits of Segar Kumala are fruits that have been carefully selected so that they are suitable to be processed into multiple other preparations. Segar Kumala Indonesia has an essential role in the […]

Segar Group Indonesia Company Profile

Segar Group Indonesia is a well-known supplier of fruits that provides both imported and local fruit. The fruits provided are still in new condition. Segar Group Indonesia has branches in all major cities in Indonesia. These suppliers’ distribution chain covers Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar, and Pontianak. It’s biggest distributor buah Indonesia. About Segar Group Indonesia […]

Company Profile For Alemlube

Alemlube is an Australian family-owned engineering company globally renewed for its customer-centric innovative products range taking the world forward. It is a progressive company which has made a mark in the markets of the kangaroo nation, New Zealand & Papua New Guinea with its mining, construction & industrial solutions. Being a company managed by a […]

Company Profile for Viper Cash for Cars

Is your old, dust-accumulated vehicle struck at your open garage inviting glowers from your neighbors? Yes! Then, it’s not the moment to think or rethink but the perfect time to get rid of your old junk! Viper Cash for Cars is a renewed four-wheeler removal company offering instant cash for car of any condition. They […]