Pusat Safety Company Profile
Posted on: October 10, 2022, by : Alan Ayyash

Workers in construction or other hazardous areas certainly need extra protection. Work safety equipment of various types is mandatory for every worker to prevent accidents. It is the responsibility of the company to its employees. From head-to-toe safety equipment, you must pay attention. Pusat Safety (toko safety) is here to meet the needs of companies and workers for the best work safety.

Pusat Safety Company Profile

Pusat Safety is the most complete and best supplier and distributor of safety equipment or Work Safety Equipment in Jakarta.

All our products are by SNI standards and International Safety Regulations to ensure your workplace safety needs. The products owned by the Pusat Safety  are specifically in the field of safety or personal protective equipment (PPE), including Project Helmets or safety helmets, Body Harnesses (climbing gear) for overall safety/full body harnesses, as well as safety clothing or safety wearpack coverall.

Pusat Safety provides prices for safety shoes at relatively low prices. Safety glasses or eye protection, ear protection (hearing protection) or ear plugs, Safety Hand Gloves or safety gloves, life jackets or life jackets, raincoats, fire extinguishers, balls fire extinguishers, road markings, and road signs, including traffic cones and road barriers.

We also sell wearpacks, safety shoes, work uniforms, safety king & red parker shoes, which are produced by ourselves, namely wearpack IMJ brand with American Drill material. There are coveralls (suits), wearpack tops and pants wearpack prices. The price of safety king shoes is affordable; there are also uniforms for security, complete with bets and emblems, along with accessories in the form of bets and whistles.

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