Red Parker Company Profile
Posted on: October 10, 2022, by : Alan Ayyash

Safety shoes are one of the most crucial safety equipment for workers. Field workers certainly need the existence of safety shoes. Safety shoes must meet specific criteria that ensure that the wearer is safe. Currently, local safety shoes are not inferior in quality to international products. Red Parker is a manufacturer of high-quality safety shoes from the materials to the manufacturing method.

Red Parker Profile

Red Parker is a provider of international quality safety shoes & sepatu safety murah. Founded in 2018, Red Parker is part of the Indotama Group, which has experience as the most complete and reliable supplier and distributor of safety equipment in Indonesia. The Red Parker brand departs from an awareness that work safety is essential.

One of them is in the field of construction and infrastructure, which has a reasonably high work risk. Thus, unique attributes are needed for workers in these fields to protect and minimize risks at work, one of which is safety shoes. In addition, Red Parker found that most safety shoes are pretty heavy and make it difficult to work. Therefore, Red Parker is here to introduce lightweight safety shoes that can protect construction and infrastructure sector workers to the fullest.

Since its establishment, Red Parker has become one of the sepatu safety pria brands targeted by many people because of its quality. The advantages of Red Parker safety shoes are that we use quality local leather and thick and robust soles because they are made by gluing and sewing twice, using thick threads, and are light when used.
Red Parker realizes that work protection applies to all people, so Red Parker provides affordable prices for all of its safety shoe products without compromising on quality. Red Parker hopes that the presence of Red Parker safety shoes can minimize workplace accidents, especially in the construction and infrastructure fields.

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