Everything you need to know about Google Adwords
Posted on: August 18, 2017, by : Alan Ayyash

Google Adwords is a marketing tool developed by tech giant Google. It allows people to advertise their services to Google Search Engine, and different affiliate sites associated with google. Google search engine is undoubtedly the most popular one and showing your site first in the search result can bring in a lot of traffic to your site.

The ads for the search engine is simple text form. It contains a title, two short description line and the URL of the specified site. The ad will appear while people search with related phrases and the position of the ad is depended on the bid. If the bid is high enough then it will show on top of all search results, or it will show lower positions. Several surveys and research results show that 91% of the people do not go to the second page of the search result, so showing a site on the first page is a huge advantage.

Why companies use Google Adwords?

It is always a good choice to use Google Adwords no matter what type of service a company provides. There are several reasons for using it.
– If a service or a product site is fairly new, it is required to drive traffic to the site. The more the traffic, the more people will know about the product/service and also it will increase the organic traffic of the site. Also, more traffic will allow the site rank in top positions in the search result.
– Companies like Google Adwords a lot because it is scalable.

If a campaign is profitable then it is required only to increase the budget to scale it further.


The more budget one put in, the more profit they make. For the high scalability of AdWords, companies can assign their human resources in other types of marketing. It doesn’t take any extra effort to scale further.

– It is not possible to measure the impact of traditional marketing ways like TV and magazine advertising. But, online marketing is not like that it is highly measurable. Publishers do know what’s working for them and what not. Google Adwords provides details reports of search terms and demographic of the people who visited the site. Also, it can provide details about what activities were done after visiting the site.

Google Adwords is very dynamic and flexible. Companies can target their competitors and outrank them, they can find people of their interest, show results to the people who are specifically searching for something. So, there are a lot of options to test and implement for a greater result. It also possible to use the display network to raise brand awareness.

Adwords traffic can result in a great conversion. As paid search traffic is more targeted and specific, if the campaigns are set correctly then it can result in a great conversion. It is usually cheaper than any other marketing strategies and can get far much leads for the same cost than any other. Adwords conversion is link to landing page design and UX.

Adwords can improve SEO of the site. As the audience is narrowed down and people are targeted by keywords when people are visiting the site more, google search engine will likely to rank those sites for those specific keywords. It is a boost up to the SEO of a new site and which is required to get organic traffic.

So, no matter if your company is new or you are already doing good, it is always advised to use Google Adwords. It will help to remain ahead of all the competitors and can bring in more people to the site as time goes by.