How Much Can a Coffee Shop Cost You?
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Dreaming of opening a coffee shop might sound interesting but when it comes to planning for it on a serious note, then you realize that it asks for a lot of things other than just imaginations. As coffee business is quite popular these days, so jot down the fact that you’ll welcome by tough and well-established competitors in the market.

Well, don’t feel discouraged and go on with your positive will only. Start with making a list of what you’ll need to open your own coffee shop. Write down everything, straight from commercial coffee machines to the best coffee mugs, it includes everything. Take out time and make a proper list. It’s even better if you get associated with any experienced person who can let you know better about the needful things.

After preparing this list then comes the preparation of estimated capital amount required for financing your coffee shop. Include everything in it. Calculate the cost for-

Or whatsoever is required.

Now, once you’re clear of the items required then the next step is to go for calculating an approximate capital amount required for the start-up. This is a necessity because most of the banks ask for an estimated amount required before allowing your loan.

So, quickly check out the estimated amount you may need to accomplish your dream of being a proud owner of a coffee shop.

  1. Coffee machines or other equipment– the biggest necessity of a coffee shop is the availability of right equipment. You may need coffee machines, filters, air pot and much more. For that keep an estimated amount of at least £2,500 – £10,000. This amount is sufficient if you’re starting a small scale business.

  1. Flooring and ceiling of the shop– Setting an impressive ambiance of the coffee shop is a must. Because people might won’t remember the taste of your coffee but certainly going to remember the environment. So, to create that impression, you may need to spend around £2,500 – £4,000. These days, even there are some interior designing agencies like- café fit out in Sydney who helps you bringing a charm in your coffee shop with the right interiors.
  1. Property or rent– This factor depends completely on the location and size of the shop. For this, a local broker may help you better because it varies for every location & country.
  1. Crockery– Serving coffee in classy coffee mugs is important to create an impression on your visitors. So, buy the best crockery that is durable yet fashionable. For crockery keep the estimated amount as £250 – £1,000.
  1. Infrastructure– Installing the counter, machines, oven and the rest of layout includes the infrastructure. It may cost you around £3,000 – £7,500.
  1. Staff– Hiring an accountant and other staff members may cost you approximately £2,500 – £5,000.

Undoubtedly, you may have landed here because you’re about to open your dream coffee shop. Hope in that context, my information must have helped you anyhow. For more such knowledgeable stuff, keep on coming back here.