How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Leaking Shower?
Posted on: March 20, 2019, by : Alan Ayyash

A faulty shower is something that can’t ignore even for just 24 hours, because of its ability to disrupt our everyday routine. Just for a second, imagine you are about to take shower on a cold morning and the shower isn’t giving hot water; this would probably create massive havoc.

Leaking shower, if left untreated not only leads to gallons of water been wasted, also over time may have a multifold of impacts over the structure of the building. Therefore, it is imperative to right away replace the faucet once the shower is giving away problems. But, wondering what is the cost to fix leaking shower?

Cost of Professional Shower Repairing

$150 to $500 is the average shower repairing cost, while it largely depends upon the severity of the case, besides the shower repair in Sydney expert you have contracted for this job. The average per hourly rate of plumbing services is somewhere between $45 and $200. Majority of the plumbing technicians put forth a ballpark estimate before commencing on the work, while some stick to the hourly method. If you are not sure about the root of this issues, you might consider to have a full bathroom renovations in Perth.

Be Quick To Save Yourself from Hefty Repairing Bills

Whether it’s the leaking shower or the blocked drain, quick addressing of the problem is essential. If you gave a prompt response, then the better this would be on your wallet. 10 drips per minute from the leaky shower can contribute to 2 gallons of water wastage; can make up upcoming water bills look challenging to pay off. The ceiling and flowing of the washroom can soak the water, and with time develops rot and molds, which indeed is unhygienic to the occupants’ of the house, may even make it inhabitable.

What is Shower Waterproofing And its Typical Cost?

When installing a shower at the bathing space, it is pivotal to waterproof the surrounding tiles; otherwise, the slightest of leakage will promote the formation of molds that can progress in quick time covering the entire ceiling. A waterproofing barrier is placed to deter black molds development that can make even the most expensive washroom accessories dull pale. The cost of shower waterproof asked by any other shower company having a solid market reputation for 100 sq.ft drywall is approx $400, and the price of mold remedies run anywhere between $500 to $3,000.

Flooring Damage Associated With Leaky Shower

Another concern associated with leaking shower is the floor damage; the puddles of water may lead to lose tiles surrounding the tub or the shower. The cost of floor replacement is around $12 to $30 per sq.ft. Thus why it is important that the problem of the leaky shower must be addressed at the earliest. You lethargic mindset can put away your monthly spending budget or even break your bank balance.

Final Words Of Advice

Obtain a tailored quote of seal broken shower repair from your prospective company, and compare them with the estimate of other shower technicians in your locality to make the best decision that ensures quality work at the most competitive cost.