How to Make More Money as a Professional Plumber in the US, UK, New Zealand, and Australia?
Posted on: September 13, 2017, by : Alan Ayyash

Plumbing is invariably a rewarding profession in terms of monetary and dignity. Plumbing skills are currently high in demand owing to the urbanisation of the world. This profession comes with several perks such as job stability, independence, job satisfaction, and social interaction, to name a few of them. Also, a recent report indicates there is a scarcity of experienced trade-plumbers in the United States. Here, we list out some of the tried and tested ways to make more money as a professional plumber. So, scroll down to pen down:

Join a Good Company

After obtaining a diploma from a vocational school or college in the vertical of plumbing, it is best to find a job in a plumbing company to kick start your career in the best possible way. Though, the wage during the initial period of training won’t be the high sky, as your skills get sharpened and experienced, move to better prospect to make more money.

Become a Freelance Plumber

Yes, you have a day job, but you take plumbing jobs as side hassles to credit extra dollars in your savings account. Today, a Chatswood plumber (and Plumber Newcastle)who specialises in the repair and installation of pipes that carry wastewater and gas have bundles of opportunities to earn big. Or after your job hours and on weekend you fix leaky tap and take up other small plumbing services.

 Start a Business

The best way to explore the limitless potential of a plumbing engineer is to set up a business. Though it is easy said than done, your skill should be up to the mark with the latest industry standards and practices and need a capital to own an office space and team of professionals.

As a business you require to gain a stronghold in your local area of operation by publicity, having a business website, door-to-door pamphlets, but word of mouth is important, so give your 100% in catering the needs and requirements of your clients.

Here Are Suggestions on How to Market Your Business

  • Get social on Social networking sites such as Twitter, Linked In and Facebook
  • Give out business cards to friends, relatives, and people, in your known
  • Develop a professional website
  • Offer Your Professional Help to Small Plumbing Companies

There are many service providers in every trades people domain, which take professional support from skilled freelancing on commission basis for complex projects Since you are a folk with years of experience of handling projects of any complexity under your belt, you can work in a team of professional plumbers and administrate them to accomplish tough tasks- new construction and renovation ventures.

To Wrap Up-

The question which probably striking too and fro your cerebrum is how much I can earn by being a plumber in the US, UK, New Zealand, and Australia? Though, it is not justified to border the potential of plumbing services with a figure, the average approx 30$ per hour.