Property Investment in US or AUS- What’s better?
Posted on: October 11, 2017, by : Maeva Lille

Property investment in Australia or the U.S.A. is no lesser than a dream for anyone. It takes a lot of time, finance & guts to invest your money on a property in foreign lands. But those who’re fortunate enough to have this opportunity must reap the most of the benefits of being called as a landlord of the overseas property.

Be it the real estate logo designs or advertisements, the real estate world is receiving more and more weightage with every passing day. And what’s the reason; well it’s the plush properties & status that is making everyone go gaga over the plush properties.

Those who’re passionate about buying properties never miss out a chance of buying it in either the U.S. or Australia. And why so? Because these two countries have the highest property resale value.  Though you may get the great value of purchased land in both these countries to accomplish the same, you have to undergo completely different property investment criteria for both.

In order to come to a conclusion that which country is more profitable to invest your hard-earned money in real estate, let’s pass a reality check of pros and cons of property investment in both the countries.

Let’s start with the U.S.

U.S has a vast real estate market to venture the best properties. Be it a commercial or domestic property, you can find the best deals within an affordable range. With the time epoch, American properties are acquiring more and more value just because of the variations in economic rate. Now, let’s step ahead to know the pros and cons of property investment in the US.


  1. Points system – One can easily initiate the procedure of buying property even if s/he possesses low entry points. This scheme has helped many middle-classed families to own properties.
  1. Easy mortgage help – Find any suitable bank & apply for the home mortgage loan in U.S. and within certain time duration you can start up with the procedure.
  1. Best for capital growth – Those who wish to make the property a source of increasing the capital amount must try their hands on property investment in U.S. It has a lot of scopes.


  1. Restrictions in financial terms – If your property value is a bit higher than usual then the bank may ask you to deposit a heavy amount initially. This is done or asked for the purpose of security only.
  1. Cost of legal counsel – Apart from the legal procedure, you’re asked to carry the fee of a legal counsel who may assist you in preparations of the documentation procedure. And somehow this is mandatory to buy a home or office in U.S.

Australian property bubble  

For Australia-

You must have heard through Australian property bubble that the prices may a bit higher than U.S. then you get all the leverages you wish for. Let’s quickly put some light over its pros and cons.


  1. Stable investment – Once you’ve registered property under your name, there’re no chances to getting stuck with any fraud in future. This is possible due to the strict laws & regulations of Australian Government.
  1. Maximum return on investment – it is one of the biggest leverages of investing in Australia. You can get maximum return on your invested amount easily. All you need is to be a little bit of smart & invest your deposit in the stock market to reap real benefits.
  1. Cash flow – Once you’ve legally got the property, you have all the rights to rent it on as much as the price you wish. This is the best way to arrange your EMI’s easily. Its quite common in Australia to rent your luxury house for weddings.


  1. High entry cost – As compared to U.S, Australia has a higher rate of entry to start up the procedure of property investment. And for this, you may have to burn a hole in your pocket.
  1. Hush-hush issues – The property may have some secretive issues which may not be revealed by the broker or previous landlord. To avoid it make sure to do a little bit of homework & analyze the property from every nook and cranny.

The final verdict-

In order to purchase either commercial or domestic property, U.S or Australia both the countries have their own specifications & leverages to serve you with. It’s completely up to your budget & preferences. Apparently, Australia has higher prices for passing the criteria of being called as a landlord but then you need not worry about anything as every penny is worth spent completely.