The 10 top shares to buy in financial year 2018
Posted on: August 20, 2017, by : Alan Ayyash

Investing in shares can sometimes be a gamble whenever you want to make money from stock exchange. However, when you have information about shares, you will be able to make a choice on the ones that you can buy during a financial year to get the highest returns. Here is an overview of the top 10 shares on stock exchange to invest in 2018 if looking for higher returns on your investment:

1. Abbott Laboratories (ABT)

Abbott Laboratories is a global and diversified healthcare company with focus on medical products, nutritionals, diagnostics and
established pharmaceuticals. Abbott had a higher EPS in the year 2017 that is expected to grow during the year 2018. Many investors expects their returns to be offering a 6.7 percent of dividend yield making it among the best shares to buy.

2. Alphabet (GOOG)

Alphabet is a holding company that owns Google. Since Google generates revenue mainly through vending advertising through Google Maps, Google Search, and YouTube, they had an investments totaled to $85 billion. Today, the stock trades at rate of 19.3 that times the estimated of CY17 EPS. With the trend, you can be sure that you would get the best results in the year 2018.

3. Becton Dickinson (BDX)

Becton Dickinson is a worldwide medical devices, diagnostic equipment and hospital supplies supplier of medication management systems especially to labs and hospitals. With rising wealth especially in emerging economies that will lead to even higher healthcare will be something that they need to watch. The risk and reward appears to be more positive with the current stock trading at rate of 17.2x estimated to be CY17 EPS.

4. CVS (CVS)

CVS has over 1,100 modern walk-in medical clinics, 9,600 retail pharmacies, more pharmacy benefits. The stock is currently trading at 15.5 times to estimated rate of CY17 EPS at the same time offering investors a rate of 3.5 percent of dividend yield. This current valuation seems to be quite attractive especially for the long-term and focused investors.

4.ExxonMobil (XOM)

ExxonMobil is a popular integrated oil company. The stock currently trades at rate of 21.4 times and is estimated to be CY17 EPS. On the cash earnings, you will find that the stock is trading at approximately 8.6 times the estimates for the year 2017 as the rate of EBITDA per share.

5.Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)

Johnson & Johnson is amongst the world’s largest as well as most expanded healthcare companies. For the investors, they should look at it since it has some of the best estimates for the year 2018. With a 2.8 percent of dividend yield, you can only expect it to go higher in the year 2018.

6.Lowe’s (LOW)

Lower’s Low has its stock currently trading at a good multiple of about 15.9 times that is estimated CY17 EPS. In addition, it has a dividend yield that is 2.9 percent. This makes it one of the best stocks that you should buy in the year 2018.

7.Microsoft (MSFT)

Microsoft is famous for its remarkable Windows operating system. Today, it has a 2.5 percent of dividend yield as well as 1 percent- to 2 percent of its shares being repurchased every year. This stock is currently trading at approximately 20.7 times the estimated CY17 EPS for the year 2018.

8.Sprouts Farmers Market (SFM)

Sprouts is currently in the stock market trading at approximately 20.5 times of the estimated CY17 EPS. In addition, the stock offers a rate of 3.3 percent per dividend yield making it a good stock for the year 2018.

9.United Technologies (UTX)

United Technologies is a stock for long-term investors since it now trades at 16.9 times of the estimated CY17 EPS. In addition, its current dividend yield has an attractive rate of 2.4 percent.

10. United Rentals, Inc.

Its current dividend yield is about 3.7 percent making it one of the best stocks in the year 2018.

In conclusion, the above s overview of the top 10 shares on stock exchange to invest in the year 2018.

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