Top 10 Habits of Highly Effective People
Posted on: August 18, 2017, by : Alan Ayyash

Success and efficiency go hand in hand. In order to be successful, you have to be effective in handling your tasks. They are few free ebooks pdf providers on internet (see Authentic Education, Good Reds, Planet Publish…). Below is a list of 10 habits of highly effective people.

1. They are proactive

This is about circle of concern and circle of influence. Most effective people work from their center of influence and constantly work to expand on it. They do not sit and wait in a mode that is reactive, awaiting problems to happen before taking action. This is the circle of concern.

2. They begin with the end in mind

The most effective people envision what they want in the future so that they can plan and work towards it. They understand how people make decisions in their life. To be effective, their actions are based on principles and they review their mission statement on a constant basis. They constantly wonder if they are who they want to be. They try to define themselves every now and then. They work towards a goal that they will be remembered for.


List your priorities
List your priorities

3. They prioritize

The most effective people know the difference between what is important and what is urgent. They prioritize as follows:

i) Important and urgent

ii) Important and not urgent

iii) Not important and urgent

iv) Not important and not urgent

4. They think win-win

The most effective people respect and value others by understanding that a win for everyone is a better solution in the long run than if only one person gets their way. Thinking win-win is neither a quick fix technique nor is it being nice. It is a code based on character for collaboration and human interaction.

5. They seek first to understand then to be understood

Highly effective people use empathy when listening to individuals. This assists them to understand people which will compel them to also listen and be susceptible to influence. This in effect will create an environment of positive problem solving and caring.

6. They Synergize

The most effective people put together people’s strengths via positive team work in order to achieve goals which one person could not accomplish.

7. They sharpen the saw

The most effective people renew and balance their resources, health, and energy to come up with a long-term, sustainable, effective lifestyle.

8. They do not fear failure

The most effective people do not fear to fail. They understand that it is either they succeed or learn. They learn from their failures so that they can try again and succeed.

9. They embrace change

The most effective people are not afraid of change. People who are afraid of change end up stuck in the same positions years down the line. Effective people adjust to change almost immediately and sail through to success.

10. They wake up

Lazy people are the ones who love to sleep. They sleep the most parts of their mornings and miss on this chunk of time when the mind is most fresh and ready to learn. The most effective people wake up early and perform their most important tasks during these hours for high efficiency.

The above ten habits of highly effective people have seen people become successful career people and business people. If you want to succeed in life, these are the habits to adopt!