Wall Street Journal- History
Posted on: October 17, 2017, by : Alan Ayyash

About the newspaper-

The Wall Street Journey- The heartbeat of every American, without morning, seems incomplete and monotonous. This English language daily newspaper is the biggest paparazzi for people in the New York. Be it a hotshot relevant to a company logo design or New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street Journal feeds to all your news craving habits.

Now the mania or reading this newspaper can be witnessed from the number of copies it publishes on the daily basis. At present, around 2.4 million copies are published for the entire news seeker Americans.

In order to grasp the attention of young lads, the newspaper even publishes an enticing magazine which has all the luxury, spicy and lifestyle news.

 Wall Street Journal- History

History of the Wall Street Journal-

Since July 8, 1889, The Wall Street Journal publishes six days a week in Asian and European editions and is loved by many Americans. It has been successfully executed by Dow Jones & Company which is a segregated part of News Corp.

In the early 1880s, the Journal was more of just a news bulletin which was named as ‘flimsies.’ The publishers of The Wall Street Journal use to hand-deliver them throughout the day at the stock exchange market to the traders. Initially, these news bulletins use to publish in a ‘daily summary’ called as ‘Customer’s Afternoon Letter.’

With the passage of time, ‘Flimsies’ got popular among traders and then finally one fine day, reporters (now publishers) Charles Dow, Charles Bergstresser and Edward Jones named it as ‘The Wall Street Journal.’

Later, on July 8, 1889, the first newspaper named as ‘The Wall Street Journal’ published. This became possible with the trio of three commendable reports- Charles Dow, Charles Bergstresser, and Edward Jones. In 1899, the ‘The Journal’s Review & Outlook’ column was started and written by Charles Dow, which became quite popular soon.

In 1902, a renowned journalist Clarence Barron took over the ‘The Wall Street Journal’ by paying a whopping amount of US$130,000. Within few years, Barron was even recognized for his fearless and commendable pool of reports that use to bring out the true insight of every news highlight.

With the growing years, in 1967, Dow Jones decided to commence a Journalist business expansion outside the United States where he covered Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and Australia. By the end of 1970, Dow successfully published a series of newspapers throughout his target areas. And finally, after a long time, he finalized the name as ‘Dow Jones Local Media Group.’

The major highlights of the Wall Street Journal are-

  1. Corporate news- Covering the political and economic aspects.
  2. Marketplace- Here all the news stories related to health, technology, media, marketing is covered.
  3. Review section- Basically about the opinions, ideas, and recommendations on different subjects ranging from mortgage to fundamental duties.
  4. Money and investment section- It has everything that you must know from the international finance market.
  5. Personal Journal- Published only on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, this covers a lot more about the personal development and investments.

Now this newspaper is available online as well.