What are the advantages of solar energy?
Posted on: November 4, 2021, by : Alan Ayyash

We will discuss about the advantages of solar energy for the society and how they are getting more affordable year after year.

Cheaper and cheaper installation costs

While this may have been a drag for some households for a long time, for a decade the cost of installing and maintaining photovoltaic panels has been falling. This can be explained in particular by technological progress in constant development, and an increase in plant production coupled with a decrease in the costs of the various components.

However, installing solar panels is still a significant investment. The price can vary between 6,000 and 35,000 euros, depending on the installed solar power system (1 to 3 KWp and up to more than 10 KWp), the need for a battery to store energy, or the installation costs. According to the Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe from the report of solar system in Malaysia), photovoltaic panels have an estimated lifespan of 25 years minimum.

To help you financially in the installation of photovoltaic panels, you can benefit from the zero-interest eco-loan and local financial assistance.

An energy source of savings

Another advantage of solar energy, and not the least: no matter how you use it, it will prove to be economical, even profitable. Thus, you can just as easily resell all of the electricity produced, simply benefit from the self-consumption of your energy or even decide to resell the surplus electricity. In all cases, your solar installations will allow you to reduce your energy costs and thus save money, even generate income. See the case study for Perkhidmatan Pemasangan Panel Tenaga Solar untukLadang Solar.

Self-consumption of solar energy

To tend towards total consumption, and thus be autonomous, it is necessary to invest in batteries that will store unconsumed solar energy immediately, and redistribute it in your home on days when the sun is not out.

Another possibility is to remain connected to the network so that it takes over when your photovoltaic installations cannot operate. A method that allows up to 600 euros in electricity savings per year (Ademe 2014 figures).