What is Financial Stability?
Posted on: November 2, 2017, by : Alan Ayyash

Anyhow word ‘finance’ has occupied most of our lives and we strive hard to keep it with us as long as we can. For every individual the value, usage, and mediums of generating finance are different. Some of us are fortunate enough to drive a whopping amount through stock exchange whereas others may fight the hardest battle to earn necessary bread and butter for their family members.

Apart from this, there are circumstances when people do earn well but couldn’t reap the best use out of it. Did you ever take the pain to find out the reason for the same? Well, it’s poor financial planning. Yes, having financial independence may be a plus point of living a stress-free life but only when it is done in the right and productive manner.

For once, you may start searching for ‘how to create financial freedom?’ & analyze your account but after a certain time bound it goes in vain. And this happens because we can’t manage our finance as a cash flow investor does.

Initiating your first step to attain financial security starts with understanding the gist of financial stability. Now, the question arises, what is financial stability? Let’s check out what does it mean.

Financial Stability-

The term financial stability is a financial condition where different financial institutions and market make themselves capable enough to bear the instability of finance under any circumstances. Be it the finance usage or handling economical shocks, it includes everything.

The basic purpose of understanding and implementing the concept of financial stability is to set a financial protocol to survive efficiently even during the economic crises or risks. As per the system, initially, a private sector or management is responsible to manage the financial crises and then the matter goes to the administrative authority which of course is the banking supervision penal. In order to practice it on a small scale, you can go for the finance exchange activities but only among the loop of household and small businesses. With this, you can always have a better sense of how finance can be stabilized or saved for economical risks and crises.

Though the concept has a lot of financial power and protocol but people make sure that they don’t have to undergo the same even during their rainy days.

Financial stability measurements-

The most common and basic method of measuring the financial stability starts with Z-score. It is basically the comparison between the actual capitalization and returns. Z-score can be taken out only after analyzing the accurate accounting data which lets us know about the previous records and financial stability in the account. Once you understand the concept of Z-score, preparing audit framework is no-brainer work. Apart from all these, with Z-score, you can participate in market data preparation through different financial institutions. All you need is to analyze if the economic bodies are reliable and trustworthy or not.

Other than Z-score, financial stability can be measured through Merton model which is often used in large firms.