What’s Best-Used Equipment or New Kitchen Equipment?
Posted on: May 11, 2018, by : Alan Ayyash

Reaping leverages out of a business is pretty easy; the real challenge is all about setting up a business efficiently. No matter you wish to be a coffee shop owner or want to run your own fashion boutique, every business type demands walking an extra mile.

In this highly competitive world, an individual with ample amount of finance can think of starting a business but that doesn’t mean the business will be a skyrocketing one for sure. In order to ensure the same, one needs to come up with something which would be new to the market.

Else than your creativity and innovative business approach, it is a must to invest less and reap more. And to attain so, one has a lot of scopes. All you need is to have that eye to witness the sectors where you can bring something new to the market without investing much.

Among all, a restaurant business asks for a high amount of investment. Why? Well, just like hotels, restaurants are expected to be lavish which of course asks for a high maintenance bill to be paid.

Just like many, if you are also one of those entrepreneurs who wish to make money out of your business but at the same time, doesn’t wish to spare much investment, going for smart ideas can bring a huge change. And the biggest difference can be created by installing used catering equipment, which works perfectly fine for your business without asking for much.

In order to give you a detailed overview of the same, here is a difference between used and new kitchen equipment.

Used kitchen equipment-

  1. Easy to find – Almost every second day, restaurants that don’t work well open and then closes soon. Resulting, many of the restaurant owners put their used kitchen equipment, combi oven and commercial dishwashers on sale. And this has ultimately leveraged other business owners with the opportunity and options of buying used kitchen equipment.
  1. Cheap – Of course, the used kitchen equipment is more of sand-hand thus is easily available at reasonable prices as compared to the new ones. Some commercial kitchen design company might give an option for used commercial kitchen equipment for new projects.
  1. Works better – As the second-hand products are being used many of the times; their proficiency level is higher than the new ones.
  1. High maintenance – With time, electronic products often get in touch with problems thus demand high maintenance.

This was all about the used kitchen equipment, now to see the actual comparison, here is all about the new kitchen equipment.

  1. Expensive – As compared to the used ones, these products are of course a bit high in price.
  1. Low maintenance – Generally, new machines do not ask for maintenance and repair so easily which is a plus point, in terms of expenses.
  1. Stylish – When you’ll be buying new products; you will, of course, get an updated version of what you have seen already.

The concluding words-

As far as the catering equipment is good and in a working condition, going for the same won’t harm your restaurant reputation or image in any manner. Rest, it completely depends on your business standards, requirements, usage and most importantly your budget.