Types of cafe design and fit-outs
Posted on: March 20, 2020, by : Alan Ayyash

Opening a café isn’t just about serving good coffee. A café requires quality, which only comes across when you’ve done the proper groundwork. This involves having complete knowledge of the location and your customers, designing a theme and menu, and investing in quality fit-outs like commercial blenders and cooktops. This article will guide you through different types of café design and fit-outs:

1. Café Bakery

A café bakery serves baked goods and coffee, and most of the interior design is based on the display. Invest in standard display shelves to showcase the bakery’s specialties. Purchase high-quality coffee machines and baking ovens for efficient working. For the interior design, go with a contemporary aesthetic by creating a cozy atmosphere with warm lights and comfortable furniture.

2. Student Café

Student cafes are becoming popular around the world. The best thing about this establishment is that it doesn’t have to be fancy or upscale in any way. This type of café design mostly relies on their curb appeal and is usually centred on certain activities that are crafted to attract potential customers. Keep the ambience of such cafés warm, cozy, and inviting.

3. Co-Working Café

Co-working cafes usually act as a communal workspace. The interior design of such co-working cafe is very quiet and work-friendly. If you are establishing a co-working café, then you can go with an industrial-chic or modern contemporary design concept. Invest in low-voice coffee machines and keep the menu limited but of excellent quality.

4. Sidewalk Café

Sidewalk Café design usually incorporates cafe fit out like inviting furniture and friendly landscape. Many sidewalk cafés have indoor counterparts. The main thing to remember about this type is that it is very picturesque and charming. The ideal ambience must have a pleasant and inviting feel, so it’s better to go for warm colours, dim lighting, some greenery, and a large window.

5. Grab-and-go Café

The grab-and-go café is basically like a drive-thru and is there so customers can wait for the order to be prepared. The interior design of Grab-and-go-Café is like that of fast-food chains, which is, clean, simple, and designed to maximize efficiency. These types of café design are usually very lifeless, but you can have a friendly touch in the form of inviting colours.

6. Corporate Café

Corporate cafes have a fully-established interior design palette like graphics, colour schemes, materials, and lighting. Cost of a new coffee shop can be much higher than taking a franchise for corporate café. The interior design of such cafés is very colourful, attractive and comfortable. Colours, slogans, and wall art are also there to boost the mood of corporate employees.

7. Parisian Café

Parisian Cafes are not like other coffee houses and have a full-scale commercial kitchen that provides a restaurant meal menu instead of just snacks. This kind of café usually features a very decorative and elaborate interior design. Luxurious furniture and pastel colour schemes are the traditional aspects.

Summing up

Remember that each café design requires a lot of careful thought and detailing to deliver the best ambience for targeted customers. Apart from this, don’t forget to enhance your customer’s coffee experience by sourcing the best coffee from top coffee suppliers around the world and investing in high-quality café fit-outs.